52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them


52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them

In 52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them, you’ll learn sales and marketing lessons including: why you shouldn’t have an elevator pitch and how to handle chance meetings instead; how to engage with your target market during an economic downturn; what your competitors may be saying about you and how to combat it; how to prevent competitors from poaching your good customers; and how to get good reviews that drive the right kind of clients to you. 

What’s more, unlike most sales tips that go in one ear and exit through the other, you won’t be able to forget these 52 pointers because they come with detailed explanations of how to use them in more than twenty-five different occupations. For example, you’ll follow a local language school and see how it can compete with Rosetta Stone for customers and learn how an architectural firm generates large projects for its experienced partners compared with how it attracts smaller projects for newer associates. 

So, grab your iPad or notebook and prepare to jot down any sales and marketing best practices that you are not already implementing in your service business.

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"52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them delivers practical sales and marketing solutions that business owners can use to get humming again [after the covid-19 shutdown]."

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First Boulevard

“52 Sales Tips “delivers practical sales and marketing solutions to help business owners get humming again” in the wake of covid. The author stresses “organizing sales outreach on a particular audience” and getting prospects to see you live.

I did an interview with a UK magazine about the writing process and the relevance of 52 Sales Tips as we transition from covid. I talked about how small businesses are facing severe supply chain and labor issues and how we can survive using virtual-friendly sales and marketing tactics.

Here’s a quote I gave to S&S Activewear re: the necessity of not going for the quick close with B2B buyers. My tip is #13. I also “co-sign” the advice from another sales pro in #7 about not nickel and diming B2B buyers with complicated pricing schemes. 14 tips in all. Some better than others. Enjoy.

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52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them

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    Sales for Lawyers trade book

    About the Book

    The first sales book written specifically for lawyers, Sales for Lawyers teaches lawyers how to use common lead generation tools and selling techniques in compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct. Special emphasis is placed on showing lawyers how to compete with nonlawyer legal services providers in the design, delivery, and marketing of upmarket and downmarket legal solutions. 

    While the short-term objective of the book is to show lawyers how to be effective sales professionals within the rules as they exist today, the author’s longer-term desire is that these insights will contribute toward efforts to align the Rules of Professional Conduct with the expectations and demands of the market we serve.

    About the Author

    Sales for Lawyers Author/Trainer, Shavon Jones, is an award-winning attorney and a seasoned salesperson who has won contracts for legal services ranging from $12,000 to $500,000 over a 20-year career in legal firm, accounting firm, and entrepreneurial settings. Also an experienced trainer, Jones has developed and delivered training programs for administrative agencies, corporations, and professional associations. She is the principal trainer for the “How to Earn an Equity Partnership” Business Development Training workshop.

    Read the Foreword and Journal Review for free

    The Foreword is written by R. Donahue Peebles , an entrepreneur and renowned commercial real estate developer. Having controlled a sizable legal budget for more than three decades, Peebles explains how sophisticated clients want professional services offerings delivered to them and what clients generally expect from the lawyers they engage. Peebles also sheds light on what business clients consider to be acceptable and desirable sales and marketing practices for lawyers. The book was reviewed in The Florida Bar Journal. The review is reproduced below.


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    Finally, someone caring enough to share their inside sales secrets with other lawyers. Sales for Lawyers begins with the premise that lawyers in private practice must sell their services.  Through practical examples, the author demonstrates unique ways to market one’s services and become the go to attorney in niche markets.  Because of the attention to ethical considerations applicable in most jurisdictions, Sales for Lawyers should be taught in law schools.

    Tiffany Torain, Esq.

    Dow Chemical

    Sales for Lawyers is effective and relevant and should be on the reading list of every law student and any attorney who aspires to have professional autonomy. Jones’s analysis [of Bar rules] should make even the most conservative attorney understand and embrace that promotion of legal services is a good thing for you and your community.

    Nydia Menendez, Esq.

    Menendez Law Firm