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Jones quoted by Advertising Specialty Institute on lead qualification tactics.

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Our library of free sales advice by topic. These are short (most are less than 10 minutes) audio sales tips to help you navigate interactions with buyers and prospective clients. Below find links to 6 listener favorites. New episodes are available by subscribing to the Sales “how to” Podcast.

Shavon, Your Sales “how to” Gal

Our #1 episode (3,500+ unique listeners) demos how to let a sale happen and not derail it with closing tactics. 

They can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. Here’s how to introduce yourself and make prospects want to know more.

Our interview with Rainmaker, James Elam, Esq. re: using your firm’s infrastructure to build your book and your brand.

You need multiple brand awareness and lead generation tools. Don’t have a single way to reach clients, especially if it is facebook.

Tips on Legal Ethics and the Internet. How to prevent web activity from becoming an improper solicitation.

Services and Content

We help attorneys build 7-figure practices from scratch, develop existing clients into multimillion dollar annual accounts, and earn equity partnerships.

Do this Once and You Will Never Have to Do It Again

Through our speaking, training, and coaching work, we assist attorneys in becoming opportunity spotters, generators, and converters. Offerings include enterprise solutions, retreat workshops, an eLearning platform, and industry talks.

Our practice guides are compilations of in-depth, industry-specific best practices of revenue generation strategies and tactics for attorneys and firms.

For Lawyers Only is insight and inspiration delivered quarterly to help you stay on track with business and client development objectives.

What Sets Us Apart…

Bar Compliant

Our principal trainer is an attorney-sales professional well versed in Bar rules and how to sell within them. Our trainings include application of ethics rules to sales and marketing activities.


We provide complete training from lead generation to conversion and every step in between. 

Forward Looking

The legal marketplace has changed, and is still changing, from a state and national market to a global market. We also have an access to justice crisis, new competitors, new technologies, and Bar rules that are in flux. Sales for Lawyers prepares lawyers to meet these challenges.

Other sales trainers teach only one part of the sales process, conversion. But how do you identify prospects to convert? How do you stay within the ethics rules? Why isn’t networking enough? Why isn’t describing your credentials and your services effective at winning deals consistently? What does the administrative side of sales look like? And so on…

The truth is: while lawyers are great at selling our clients’ stories, we are not accustomed to selling legal services. Learning one piece of the selling process will not result in our being able to compete with business-savvy nonlawyer legal service providers now or in the future.

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The Story of Us

I think I know you. You’re a good lawyer. You enjoy practicing law: the strategy, the research to find a solution, the discovery to find the proof, the combat with adversaries, the connection with a jury, the process of persuading. Doing good work. Helping people. Winning. And because you love being a lawyer, you want to spend your time engaged in the practice of law, not becoming a salesperson.

In many ways, I’m not like you. I don’t enjoy being a lawyer. I don’t like arguing with people. I find most legal gripes petty. I like to get to the result quickly. I feel myself getting slightly irritated when people launch into long stories about their problems. But irritation aside, I’m a great problem-solver. And in the process of solving legal problems for clients, I noticed something. Once you acquire a group of clients and solve their problems, you never have to sell again.

From that point on, as long as you don’t change your career or your specialty, more than two-thirds of your new matters will come from existing clients, their referrals, or people they didn’t even know but took the time to speak to on your behalf, as your reference. In fact, today, my law practice consists entirely of renewals, referrals, and references from clients I acquired before the Great Recession.

So, I have the solution to your problem of not wanting to be a salesperson—do it once, and you’ll never have to do it again . But you must do it well the first time. And that’s why I started this company, to show you how to get back to doing what you love.

Meet Our Founder
Attorney-Sales Professional 
Shavon Jones