Lawyers Matter

Media portrayals of lawyers rarely feature us as the justice warriors, protectors, and badasses that we are. We give our time and our money all year long in support of human and civil rights, consumer protection, fairness, and justice.

In 2019, my Team (of three) at RegulatorGuards performed 250 hours of pro bono work for small business owners unable to afford our fee to fend off government overreach that would shutter their doors, causing layoffs, loss of investment, and loss of services within the low-income communities they serve. 

We can’t give that much time every year, but we can give money so that other capable attorneys have the funding needed to affect change.

A few great Legal Charities

We hope that any business making money in the legal industry, whether or not owned by lawyers, supports one or more legal or social justice charities.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Current civil rights issues like early voting, gerrymandering, prison reform & prosecutorial discretion.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Access to educational & economic opportunities like apprenticeships + equity investment in startups.


Defends human rights such as immigration, reproductive rights, LBGTQ rights, and disability rights.

Local Legal Aid

Provides the poor with access to justice and the courts; addresses consumer protection issues.