Sales Coaching

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Brainstorm or troubleshoot your planned or ongoing sales pursuits with a business development coach experienced at selling professional services and building market relationships with corporate buyers.

Sample Scenarios

Don’t go it alone. 15-30 minutes with a sales coach can be the difference between winning the account and coming up short. Your coach can help if…

new to an account or market

You have been newly assigned to a large client or a new market and want to determine the best approach for introducing yourself to key decision makers in your portfolio.

cross-selling a partner’s expertise

You want to help your partner and/or your firm do more business with a buyer with whom you have a strong relationship and a record of meeting client expectations.

Attending a conference

You’re attending an upcoming conference and want to both make a memorable impression and leave with appointments that may lead to new business or long-term relationships.

preparing for an initial meeting

You have a meeting with a prospect and want to determine the best approach to either win the business or to advance to the next step in the particular prospect’s purchasing cycle.


Coaching sessions never expire, and the allotted time does not begin until after the coach gathers the background information regarding your pursuit.

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