The Client Development Issue

For Lawyers Only business development magazine Second Quarter 2022

Case in point

Generate the 3 “Rs” of Client Development: Renewals, Referrals & References.

“how to” tip

Learn How to Get Your Clients to Sell for You (Spoiler Alert: Clients Are Great References!).


Get Examples of a Great Client Appreciation Event for Your Buyers and a Successful One for Your SMEs.

Goal Tracker

Need a Detailed Incentive Plan for Firm-wide Client Development? We’ve written one for you!

about the magazine

For Lawyers Only is an ad-free quarterly business development magazine for enterprising lawyers. Each issue has 4 primary sections: (1) a main story setting forth best practices and thought leadership on a topic, (2) a “how to” tip explaining the process for implementing a best practice, (3) announcements of sales-related events and discounts, and (4) a motivational piece that often includes a way to measure progress towards your business development goals.

Also included within one of the above sections is a companion podcast episode that sheds additional light on the topic from a unique angle. Finally, there’s our newest addition: a Lifestyle piece where we engage with artists on topics such as zen office spaces, business fashion, travel, business entertaining, community impact, and the like. The lifestyle piece generally spills over to our LinkedIn page, allowing our readers to interact with our creative partners.

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The Black Issue

Black Life in Big Law; What I Love about being an NBA Member; How to Overcome Credibility Issues If Your Firm Isn’t Well Known; and more…

The Client Fairy

How to Leverage Relationships; Here’s a 20-minute exercise to identify leads that fit your client profile and with whom you’re a fit; and more…

The Ethics Issue

Trends in Attorney Regulation: What Bars Are Considering, What the ABA Is Recommending; Legal Ethics and the Internet (Podcast episode); 7 Steps You Should Take to Avoid a Sales-Related Disciplinary Hearing.

The Sales v. Marketing Issue

B2B Sales between Executives Who Know Each Other: The Battle of the Competing Mandates; Access our Goal Tracker Spreadsheet to set your sales goals for the coming year; and much more…

The Strategy Issue

How to mix non-attorney sales staff and attorney-salespeople in business development; Why and How to Incorporate Business Development into your Professional Development Curriculum; The Components of a Sales Strategy

The Next Generation Issue

Learn the Art of  Influencing without Authority; Why “Me, Too” Has Nothing to Do with Dating a Colleague; Get a Career Map for  Happiness and Financial Success in the Law; and much more…

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