founder, attorney-sales professional shavon jones

Jones engages with the media as a Sales Expert, a Regulatory Expert, and the face of Sales for Lawyers.

Sales Expert

Shavon’s recent interviews and coverage as a sales expert include…

The Advertising Specialty Institute quoted Jones re: lead qualification and lead monetization tactics.

S&S Activewear

Jones advises on the difference between closing B2B engagements and B2C consumer transactions.

First Boulevard

Jones gives advice on how small businesses can reconnect with their customers following covid closures.

The Table Read

Jones interviewed about advice dispensed in her most recent sales book, 52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them.

Jones interviewed by Newsweek on trending Access to Justice story.

Regulatory Expert

Shavon’s recent interviews as a Regulatory and Legal Expert…

Jones interviewed about Florida for-profit college’s recruitment of out-of-state student athletes.

Jones explains the role of real estate attorneys in housing purchases and why buyers should use one.

Jones quoted in story about a law that reduced nursing slots available to adult learners.

Jones advocates changes to law to avoid a drastic reduction in the number of Florida nurses.

Marketing Portfolio

We’re a content creation company. Not only are our curricula, magazine, and books proprietary, we also create our own scripts and outreach messaging.

eLearning Kit

These videos and the Press Release are available for distribution and use in the critique and review of the Rainmakers eLearning Business Development training program.

be a lawyer, not a salesperson
be a problem-solver

Press Releases

e-learning Product launch announcement–sept/2022

New eLearning platform solves the problem of lawyers not wanting to become salespeople.

inflation and the access to justice crisis– oct/2022

How Rainmakers training helps address the Access to Justice crisis that is heightened by persistent inflation.

Miami leaders and activists meet to reflect on Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and A2J.

It doesn’t matter how many rights a person has if they cannot afford to enforce them. We support Access to Justice.