Terms & Conditions

How to Use these policies

Our Terms and Conditions are separated by issue and then further divided by offering. For example, if you need to reschedule, that would be under “Oops! Something came up.” Then, you would select the offering you purchased (e.g., training or a retreat appearance) to determine what your options are. Get it? Great!

I’ve just paid. What happens next?

Sometimes you know exactly what you want. You don’t need to speak with a sales or support representative trying to up-sell you. You just want a seamless purchase. We get that! Go ahead and book what you want and we’ll take care of the admin afterwards. 

Post-sale Support. If you purchase a retreat or register for an in-person or online course, you provide your email and phone number at checkout. We use that information to contact you regarding delivery dates for retreats, any gifts we owe you for paying in full by check or wire transfer, your meal preferences for onsite courses, and any other follow-up necessary for us to deliver the service you purchased. Your receipt also contains our contact information in the event you need to reach us before we contact you (which generally occurs within 24 hours of your purchase unless a different timeframe is indicated on your receipt). You can email us at support@sales4lawyers.com any time or call us at 888.478.8522 Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time. 

Oops! Something came up.

We understand that things happen. Here are our policies regarding changes to orders you’ve already placed. 

Training. If you would like to make changes to an individual face-to-face or online training workshop you’ve purchased, you can! The best thing is to notify us as soon as possible. If you make a change more than 60 days prior to the start of the workshop, there is no charge for the change. You can change to a later date when we offer the same workshop; or you can change the form of delivery and either pay the difference or receive a refund of the difference; or you can even transfer your registration to another person to attend the scheduled workshop in your place. 

We also allow changes made at the last minute (meaning fewer than 60 days prior to the start of the workshop). However, we charge a rebooking fee of $1,000 to reschedule because it may be difficult for us to fill the seat on short notice. To avoid the rebooking fee, you can transfer your registration to another trainee for free, but substitutions made fewer than 60 days prior to the start of the workshop may result in the inability of the Sales for Lawyers Team to revise the training materials to the needs of the replacement trainee. In that case, the replacement trainee still will benefit significantly from the training but may need to do extra work that we would have done for them. Also, the vignettes we use may not be as relevant to the replacement trainee’s practice.

Enterprise Training. Enterprise training is bespoke and delivered over the length of the contract. If you need to reschedule a session, there’s no fee. We simply agree on another convenient date to deliver that module. Any charges incurred on our end to change flight or other reservations are passed on to the client. 

Retreat or Conference Appearances. There is no fee if the date for your conference or attorney retreat changes. However, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reserve your new date on our schedule. If the trainer you originally booked cannot be available on the new date, we reserve the right to send a substitute trainer. Also, while we will endeavor to avoid them, any charges incurred on our end to cancel travel reservations are the responsibility of the client.

Hmmm. I don’t want this after all.

We know you are a responsible person and that you understand that business commitments are serious. Therefore, there are limited opportunities for a refund. But let us be more specific. 

Books. If you do not like the book and it is a hard cover in new, salable condition, you may return it within 15 days, and we will refund the purchase price less a $5 processing fee. If you prefer a non-expiring store credit, we extend a credit for the full amount of your hard cover book purchase price.  Note: Unless you indicate that you prefer your book unsigned, the book will be inscribed to the buyer. Autographed books are not returnable.

Digital Products. Digital products are nonrefundable, but you may receive a non-expiring store credit if you are displeased with the product. If you experience difficulty downloading a product you purchase from us, please contact customer support so that we can make it right. From 8:30AM to 6PM EST Monday to Friday, call 888.478.8522 or email  support@sales4lawyers.com any time. If you email us outside our normal customer support hours and a member of our small team is awake, we’ll try to respond right away. If not, expect a response the next morning, weekends included.

Training: Face-to-Face or Online. Refunds are not available due to the advance work required to personalize the training to the background and experience of each trainee or firm. However, to protect your investment, consider rescheduling for a different date or applying your payment to a different Sales for Lawyers offering. You may also find someone else to attend in your place and recover some or all of the cost from them. For enterprise clients, if we have begun the engagement and you do not like the direction, contact your engagement partner to redesign your bespoke offering to your liking.

Retreat or Conference Appearances. If you cancel more than 30 days before the performance date, you forfeit the deposit but are not responsible for the balance. If you cancel fewer than 30 days before the engagement date, you have not left us enough time to secure a replacement booking. Therefore, you are responsible for the entire fee. To protect your investment, consider rescheduling instead or apply your payment to a different Sales for Lawyers offering.

Oh my! This is expensive. Can I pay over time?

Business development training is expensive because of both the personal time commitment of the trainer and curriculum developers and the long-term economic benefit to the trainee. So, we offer flexible payment terms to make the service affordable to our clients.

Training. For individual face-to-face or online training, we accept checks, all major credit cards, and wire transfers. Registrants may pay in full or receive an installment plan. The installment plan spreads the cost over up to 4 payments. A finance charge of $125 applies to each installment. An initial deposit of $1,995 is required to reserve a seat. The balance can be divided into 3 payments. The final payment is due 30 days before the workshop begins. 

Registrants who pay in full avoid the finance charge that applies to installment plans. Registrants who pay in full via check or wire transfer receive an additional gift. Ask us what gift options remain at the time of your registration.

Enterprise Training. We require a 25% deposit upon signing the engagement letter. The balance can be paid in 3 equal installments spread over the length of the engagement. We accept wire transfer and check payments only. There is no finance charge for a payment plan.

Retreat or Conference Appearances. We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the balance 30 days before the engagement date.

Are there any discounts available?

Everyone likes a deal. Here’s how you can save on our already fair prices.  

Permanent Discounts. For bulk buyers, we offer continuous volume discounts. Buy 50 or more digital or print copies of books or CLE offerings and get 20% off the list price. If print books are to be shipped to a single address, we also offer free shipping on bulk orders. Use the promo code “BULK” at checkout.

Periodic Discounts. We offer promotions periodically. They typically are advertised either (i) in our quarterly For Lawyers Only  magazine, which you may download on the  Resources page, (ii) in a bottom bar that appears on every page of this website when we are running a site-wide promotion, or (iii) on our corporate LinkedIn page. Typical promotions include book and CLE giveaways, discounts on training offered to attendees of certain events, commenters on our LinkedIn page, or members of groups we have partnerships with. If we offer a sitewide promotional discount (not a giveaway, but a reduction in the price) within 14 days after you make a purchase, call us and ask for a credit. 

Uh-oh. Did they tell me about this fee?

We know how frustrating it is to buy a service and then get hit with so-called “shop” costs, out-of-network provider fees, or other hidden charges that the vendor knew about when they sold you the service. We would not do that to you; so, we don’t have any undisclosed fees. Here are all the extra costs that you’ll ever pay us. If we ever charge you a fee not disclosed anywhere in these terms and conditions, we will promptly refund it.

Our Travel Expenses. Travel expenses are not included in fees quoted for speaking or training. When traveling outside South Florida, the speaker requires business class airfare, four-star hotel accommodations, and economy car rentals. The speaker / trainer reserves the right to require advance payment of the travel expenses. Any costs, such as airline change fees or hotel cancellation or change fees, incurred due to a date change requested by the client will be passed on to the client. 

Your Travel Expenses. For in-person training, you don’t pay us any additional fees beyond the registration fee. Per our itinerary, we cover most meals and ground transportation while you are in Miami, but your airfare and hotel are your responsibility. We can furnish the names of preferred hotels located near the training facility, but you must book directly with the provider.

Shipping. Print book orders may have shipping and handling costs, the amount of which is disclosed at checkout or on your bulk invoice. If we do not disclose shipping and handling fees or we charge a penny more than we disclosed, demand a refund of the undisclosed shipping costs. Even if it’s only a dollar or two, it’s the principle. 

Finance Charges. Payment plans for face-to-face or online training carry a finance charge that is currently $501 but may increase or decrease from time to time. 

Rebooking Fee. Scheduling changes made at the last minute may incur a $1,000 rebooking fee. 

CLE Reporting. We do not charge a fee to report CLE credits to your state Bar. However, you may incur a cost imposed by your state Bar to record the CLE credits you or your employees earn from us. 

Darn it! I want to speak to a live person.

Don’t you just hate what has happened to customer service in this country? There’s no number to call or if they do give you a number, it’s to an automated recording telling you to visit the website (that you’ve already visited) for faster service. Then, there are the “no reply” emails. It’s become a “they can reach you but you can never reach them” situation. Enough already! 

Contact Info. We realize that we may not have thought of everything. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us at 888.478.8522 between the hours of 8:30AM and 6:00PM EST Monday through Friday or email us at  support@sales4lawyers.com any time. If someone is awake, we will respond right away, even on weekends. However, our team is small. So, if you contact us outside normal business hours and do not get an immediate response, we’re probably all sleeping. Give us until the following morning to respond.