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This course is a free trial of the Rainmakers Business Development Training course. The course media include the diagram of the Rainmakers curriculum, the course outline for the Rainmakers program, and a short welcome video. There are additional learning materials provided in each of the lessons included in this free trial.

We begin the trial with a summary of the entire Rainmakers course, allowing the learner to see where you’ll be upon completion of the course.

Introductory Video

The Endgame

This is an excerpt from the final lesson in the Rainmakers Course. It summarizes the skills and know-how the learner will possess upon from completion of the training.


Just Like Mr. Miyagi

Branding and Market Awareness

This 3-lesson module guides you through the 3-step process of: (i) defining yourself and/or your firm, (ii) perceiving your ideal client, and then (iii) communicating your brand to your client profile in a way that demonstrates that you’re a “fit.”


Who You Are Your Finger on the Pulse On the Prospect's Radar

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