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Rainmakers is a business development training course that teaches attorneys how to become trusted advisors and the go-to “Problem Solver” for their buyers and clients. The course will help you develop your existing clients, win new clients, or earn an equity partnership.

The content is divided into 39 lessons spread across 14 modules (i.e., subjects).

The learning materials include a diagram of the Rainmakers curriculum and a course outline or syllabus. There are additional learning materials provided in each lesson, plus you should have received a trade book and the first issue of your subscription to For Lawyers Only quarterly business development magazine which provides a current and in-depth look at business development best practices.


This 3-lesson module provides an overview of the curriculum, the technology features, and the available client support resources together with a bit of inspiration to get you in the mood to become the go-to Problem Solver for your buyers and clients.


Introductory Remarks Curriculum Overview Technology Demonstration

Branding and Market Awareness

This 3-lesson module guides you through the 3-step process of: (i) defining yourself and/or your firm, (ii) perceiving your ideal client, and then (iii) communicating your brand to your client profile in a way that demonstrates that you’re a “fit.”


Who You Are Your Finger on the Pulse On the Prospect's Radar

Leads and Opportunities

One of the most important modules, this 5-lesson module teaches you how to use people, platforms, and technology to attract prospective clients and to get more business from existing clients. You’ll learn which lead generation tools are best for your type of practice or business. The module also includes a mechanism for measuring the effectiveness of your lead generation tools to help you maintain a full pipeline of potential clients.


The Tools of the Trade Tailored to Fit Head on a Swivel Where Is My Next New Matter? Set Your Intentions

Strategy and Firm Management

This 3-lesson module will aid you in: (i) developing a go-to-market business development strategy for your firm, (ii) gaining the buy-in of firm leadership, and (iii) incorporating all employees of the firm into revenue generation endeavors. Practice management continuing education credits may be available with this module.


What's Your Sales Strategy? The Politics of Change An Offer They Can't Refuse

Using Sales Technology

This 2-lesson module provides a live demonstration of the features of a CRM and shows how to qualify leads using sales technology. Technology CLE credits may be available upon completion of this module.


Tech, Tech… Boom Scratch the Surface

Forming Relationships

This 2-lesson module teaches the fundamentals of building rapport. If you’re ever unsure whether to send an email or what the subject of the email should be or what kind of small talk is appropriate, this module is for you.


Your New BFF Fools Rush In

Ethics and Bar Rules

This 2-lesson module covers the Bar rules that regulate sales and marketing activities to help you avoid Bar complaints or disciplinary action in association with your revenue generation activities.


Matching the Tools to the Rules Trends in Regulation

Nurturing Relationships

This 2-lesson module is primarily a “farmers” module that teaches how to schmooze, keep yourself plugged, and act as a connector for your practitioners.


What You Don't Know Will Hurt You The Art of Schmoozing

Ascertaining Needs and Converting

This 4-lesson module is the most important module in the course. It teaches you to be opportunistic by converting your leads into paying clients. More specifically, you’ll learn how to navigate a sales conversation and get to the root cause of your prospect’s problem so you can offer solutions–without becoming an unpaid consultant. So, if you’ve ever had a prospect bring you in, pick your brain and then not hire you, this module will show you how to prevent that from recurring.


You Talk Too Much Joy and PAIN Action Speaks Louder Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Fee Negotiation

This 2-lesson module teaches you how to justify and drive your fees as well as how to remove price as a primary consideration for your buyer.


All About the Benjamins Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Dealing with Competitors

This 4-lesson module answers the question, “How do I win when my competitors have the same relationships and pedigree as I?” You’ll develop the skills to outmaneuver peer competitors in competitive bidding situations, to establish a beachhead within a company where a competitor is entrenched, and to protect your own turf from encroachment.


Away from the Pack In the Hunt Laying in the Cut Take a Hint

Curating the Client Experience

This 2-lesson module guides you in developing a client service process or “signature service” to govern and meet client expectations thereby increasing client development opportunities and inducing positive word-of-mouth.


Give 'em What They Want Your Service Mark

Renewals, Referrals & References

In this 4-lesson module, you’ll be prepared to seize the endgame of business development where prospecting or lead generation is reduced or replaced by renewals, referrals, and references from existing clients, freeing you to invest more in client maintenance and professional development.


Don't Eat and Run The Second Time Around Your BFF for Real


This 2-lesson module provides an individualized performance report to aid you in capitalizing on demonstrated strengths and deemphasizing your weaknesses. You’ll also be able to impact course content by evaluating the program.


Just Like Mr. Miyagi Love Me, Love Me Not


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