The Role of the Trainer and Coach in Business Development

Building a business development team is like building a tennis team. You need a trainer and a coach.

Welcome to a strategy episode of the Sales “how to” podcast. It’s the beginning of the 4th quarter. So, you should be planning for next year. Business development is both a team and an individual sport. Therefore, today, I want to discuss:

  1. how to put together a personal business development team,
  2. what each person’s role or duties should be, and
  3. how this team can position you—the key player—to win more business in the field.

If you’ve been listening to my podcast, you know I’m a tennis person. My favorite player is Rafael Nadal. So, let’s talk about the team around Rafa and how each member readies him to go out and win 22 majors and counting. (Hopefully, there are a few more to come). Then, after we finish the Nadal example, we’ll discuss you and your business development team.

Business Development Coach

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The Sales "How to" Podcast
Play to Win: How to Utilize Your Business Development Team

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